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Whether you have been at church services and want to listen to the sermon again, or are looking to listen for the first time, this is the page for you!

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February 2nd, 2019George Mitchell1 Corinthians 11:1-17
April 21st, 2019Rev John Carrick1 Corinthians 15:1-38
August 16th, 2020Pastor Greig Ferguson1 John Ch 1:1-4
August 23rd, 2020Mr Ewan Goodall1 John Ch 1:5-2:11
August 30th, 2020Pastor Greig Ferguson1 John Ch 2:12-27
September 6th, 2020Mr Ewan Goodall1 John Ch 2:28-3:10
September 13th, 2020Pastor Greig Ferguson1 John Ch 3:11-24
September 20th, 2020Mr Ewan Goodall1 John Ch 4:1-6
May 12th, 2019Mr Frank Haggarty1 Kings 15:9-24
January 5th, 2020Pastor Greig Ferguson1 Peter 1:3-4
January 13th, 2019Joe Bridgeman1 Peter 1:3-9
November 3rd, 2019Mr Phil Tinker1 Peter Ch 2:4-10
June 9th, 2019Rev Norman Afrin1st John Ch2:28-3:18
August 4th, 2019Rev John Carrick1st Peter Ch 4:1-11
August 4th, 2019Rev John Carrick1st Peter Ch 4:12-29
July 14th, 2019Mr Frank Haggarty2 Chronicles 20:1-17
April 6th, 2019Mr Sam Gordon2 Timothy 1:1-18
October 5th, 2019Rev Andy HunterActs 1:1-11
January 12th, 2020Rev Craig DyerActs Ch 20:12-39
October 6th, 2019Rev Andy HunterActs Ch 21:7-26
August 9th, 2020Pastor Greig FergusonActs Ch 2:42-47
August 2nd, 2020Mr Ewan GoodallActs Ch 2:42-47
July 26th, 2020Mr Ewan GoodallActs Ch 2:42-47
July 12th, 2020Pastor Greig FergusonActs Ch 2:42-47
December 24th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonChristmas Eve Service
December 22nd, 2019Mr Ewan GoodallChristmas Family Service
March 1st, 2020Mr Garry BlairColossians Ch 3:1-17
March 17th, 2019Rev John CarrickDaniel Ch 6
January 19th, 2020Pastor Greig FergusonEcclesiastes Ch 2:12-26
February 2nd, 2020Mr Ewan GoodallEcclesiastes Ch 4:1-16
February 9th, 2020Mr Bob AndersonEcclesiastes Ch 5:1-7
February 16th, 2020Mr Gordon McLeanEcclesiastes Ch 5:8 - Ch 6:12
March 8th, 2020Mr Bob AndersonEcclesiastes Ch 8:1-8
March 15th, 2020Pastor Greig FergusonEcclesiastes Ch 9:1-12
January 5th, 2020Mr Ewan GoodallEcclesiastes Ch1 1-11
January 12th, 2020Mr Bob AndersonEcclesiastes Ch1 12-2:11
January 26th, 2020Pastor Greig FergusonEcclesiastes Ch3:1-22
April 14th, 2019Mr Ewan GoodallExodus 3:1-17
March 24th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonGalatians 1:1-5
April 7th, 2019Mr Bob AndersonGalatians 2:1-10
February 10th, 2019Greig FergusonGalatians 2:11-21
April 28th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonGalatians 2:11-21
May 5th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonGalatians 3:1-14
June 2nd, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonGalatians 4:8-5:1
June 16th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonGalatians 5:13-26
June 9th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonGalatians 5:2-12
June 23rd, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonGalatians 6:1-10
June 30th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonGalatians 6:11-18
March 10th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonGenesis 10:1-11
March 17th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonGenesis 11:10-13
October 13th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonGenesis 15
October 27th, 2019Mr Ewan GoodallGenesis 17:1-!8:15
November 10th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonGenesis 18:16-19:29
November 10th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonGenesis 18:16-19:29
January 20th, 2019Greig FergusonGenesis 6:5-22
January 27th, 2019Greig FergusonGenesis 7
February 3rd, 2019Greig FergusonGenesis 8:1-22
March 3rd, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonGenesis 9:18-29
November 24th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonGenesis Ch 21
December 8th, 2019Mr Ewan GoodallGenesis Ch 23:1-Ch 25:11
September 22nd, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonGenesis Ch12
September 29th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonGenesis Ch13 & 14
August 11th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonHabakkuk Ch 1:1-11
August 18th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonHabakkuk Ch 1:12-2:20
September 1st, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonHabakkuk Ch 3
March 2nd, 2019Rev Alan McKnightIsaiah 54:1-17
February 9th, 2020Mr Frank HaggartyIsaiah Ch 37:9-21
July 28th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonJames 5:13-18
June 1st, 2019Rev John CarrickJohn 15:1-17
June 16th, 2019Mr Douglas YoungJohn 1:1-5 & 14-18
February 16th, 2020Pastor Greig FergusonJohn Ch 3
December 29th, 2019Rev Alan WellsJohn Ch 34:1-26
December 15th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonLuke 1:1-25
September 15th, 2019Mr Joe BridgmanLuke 1:46-55
January 26th, 2020Mr Ewan GoodallLuke 1:57-80
May 19th, 2019Mr David WilsonLuke 23:50-54; John 3:1-8: John 19:38-43
May 3rd, 2020Mr Ewan GoodallLuke Ch 17:1-17
April 4th, 2020Pastor Greig FergusonLuke Ch 19:28-48
January 19th, 2020Pastor Greig FergusonLuke Ch 1:1-4 & Ch 2:41-52
April 10th, 2020Mr Ewan GoodallLuke Ch 23:39-46 (Good Friday)
April 12th, 2020Pastor Greig FergusonLuke Ch 24:1-12
December 29th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonLuke Ch 2:11-40
February 2nd, 2020Pastor Greig FergusonLuke Ch 3:1-20
February 23rd, 2020Mr Ewan GoodallLuke Ch 3:21-38
March 1st, 2020Mr Ewan GoodallLuke Ch 4:1-13
March 8th, 2020Pastor Greig FergusonLuke Ch 4:14-44
March 15th, 2020Pastor Greig FergusonLuke Ch 5:1-11
March 22nd, 2020Pastor Greig FergusonLuke Ch 5:12-32
March 29th, 2020Mr Ewan GoodallLuke Ch 5:33 - Ch 6:11
April 19th, 2020Mr Ewan GoodallLuke Ch 6:12-36
April 26th, 2020Pastor Greig FergusonLuke Ch 6:37-49
May 10th, 2020Pastor Greig FergusonLuke Ch 7:18-35
May 17th, 2020Mr Ewan GoodallLuke Ch 7:36-50
May 24th, 2020Pastor Greig FergusonLuke Ch 8:1-21
May 31st, 2020Pastor Greig FergusonLuke Ch 8:22-25
June 7th, 2020Mr Ewan GoodallLuke Ch 8:26-39
June 14th, 2020Pastor Greig FergusonLuke Ch 8:40-56
June 21st, 2020Mr Ewan GoodallLuke Ch 9:1-17
June 28th, 2020Pastor Greig FergusonLuke Ch 9:18-36
July 5th, 2020Mr Ewan GoodallLuke Ch 9:37-50
June 30th, 2019Rev Alan WellsMalachi CH 3:6-15
March 3rd, 2019Mr Bob AndersonMark 10:1-12
March 10th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonMark 10:13-16
May 5th, 2019Mr Bob AndersonMark 10:35-42
June 23rd, 2019Mr Bob AndersonMark 11:12-26
July 14th, 2019Mr Bob AndersonMark 11:27-33
July 21st, 2019Mr Gordon McLeanMark 12:1-12
September 1st, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonMark 12:38-44
October 13th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonMark 14:27-42
October 27th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonMark 14:53-65
January 27th, 2019Alan WellsMark 7:31-37
January 6th, 2019Greig FerusonMark 8:22-33
January 13th, 2019Greig FergusonMark 8:31 - 9:1
February 3rd, 2019Greig FergusonMark 9:14-32
January 20th, 2019Greig FergusonMark 9:2-13
February 10th, 2019Bob AndersonMark 9:30-50
August 11th, 2019Mr Bob AndersonMark Ch 12:18-27
September 29th, 2019Mr Gordon McLeanMark Ch 14:12-26
November 17th, 2019Mr Ewan GoodallMark Ch 15:1-15
December 1st, 2019Mr Ewan GoodallMark Ch 15:33-41
December 8th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonMark Ch 15:42-47
December 15th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonMark Ch 16:1-8
September 15th, 2019Mr Bob AndersonMark Ch13:14-37
June 2nd, 2019Mr Mark FosterMatthew Ch 16:13-20
March 7th, 2020Mr Joe BridgmanMatthew Ch 9:35-38
October 6th, 2019Rev Andy HunterMatthew Ch4:18-22
March 31st, 2019Mr Joe BridgmanMicah 7:18-20
May 19th, 2019Mr Ewan GoodallPhilemon
April 6th, 2019Pastor Greig FergusonPsalm 118
January 6th, 2019Greig FergusonPsalm 25
February 1st, 2020Rev Phil SteedPsalm 91
February 17th, 2019Johnny PrimeRomans 15:5-13
February 17th, 2019Johnny PrimeRomans 16:1-20
December 7th, 2019Rev John McLeodRomans 8:18-39
November 2nd, 2019Mr Phil TinkerTitus 3
May 4th, 2019Rev Alan WellsZechariah 1:1-16

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